Meet Laurin and Cornilus:

Full Norwegian Fjord sisters. Both sisters came to us from a handicap riding facility located in Northern California. Both are extremely gentle and enjoy working with our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy clients.

Meet Darby, Fjona and Oso:

Full registered Norwegian Fjords: the Fjord is one of the oldest and purest breeds today. Here at Soul 2 Soul Equine Healing we keep the traditional “Viking” hair cut, showing that the center is dark and outer hair is white. The mane will then stand erect, keeping the characteristic of the curved neck. Darby and Oso love to do tricks for people and Fjona loves to be pretty!


  • $25 – buys cedar chips (dry stall) for a month
  • $50 – necessary medicine or supplements needed for the care of the horse
  • $85 – farrier services for a month
  • $125 – one visit from the veterinarian to provide needed services for the health and well being of the horse
  • $400 – boarding, training and feeding of one horse
  • Gift cards to Jeffers Pets  for fly spray, fly mask, horse medication, ointment, etc
  • Bright Star Saddery for fly spray, fly masks
  • Water proof blankets
  • Fly Spray
  • Clean footing for arena
  • Tack room 12×12
  • Home Depot Card, for materials, lumber
  • Truck for transportation for horses